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  Finesse launch Domino Quake game (January 3rd, 2007. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse Mobile Ltd has entered into a partnership agreement with leading Italian game developer JavArt S.r.l. to distribute their latest puzzle game, Domino Quake. Finesse has worked with JavArt to produce localised versions of the game in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese to accompany the original Italian version and will make the game available to its extensive network of international partners. Kevin Holloway, Managing Director of Finesse Mobile said "Domino Quake is an extremely addictive Puzzle Game, very intuitive and great fun. As you progress through the 60 levels the game gets progressively harder and more challenging and so caters for both casual and expert gamers alike. We are delighted JavArt has decided to partner with Finesse to maximize the opportunity for Domino Quake". Commenting on the arrangement with Finesse, Angelo Rocca of JavArt stated " The game has been a great success in Italy since its launch with over 100,000 downloads already and we hope this partnership with Finesse will allow us to generate a great deal of global interest".
  Andy McNab's Enigma Force launches on mobile (November 28th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse Mobile Ltd has announced the launch of its latest mobile game, Andy McNab's Enigma Force. The former SAS soldier and now best selling author Andy McNab has co-produced this game with Finesse and takes a central role in the action. Players are guided through training exercises to enable them to join 'the regiment' and then are given advice as they tackle a series of covert missions, hostage dramas and surveillance operations. With three levels of difficulty and context sensitive control keys, players tackle a series of missions where they must use strategy and skill to overcome the obstacles in their way. Kevin Holloway, Managing Director of Finesse Mobile says "We are delighted to have worked with Andy McNab and Impressionware to produce this game. The missions are superbly crafted and realistically depict the skill and daring needed by an elite soldier. Random shooting will not get you through the levels of this game; thought is needed if you want to succeed". Enigma Force is available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and will be compatible with approximately 300 handsets.
  Finesse launches localised PuzzleBox WordSearch (November 20th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse Mobile has launched Word Search into its ever popular PuzzleBox range. A traditional favourite, Word Search is an ideal game for mobile with straight forward instructions and simple game play. Players are given the choice of 15 categories and then have to find all the words hidden in the grid within the prescribed time to win the game. Every time a player selects a new category, new puzzles are generated and thus the number of puzzles is endless. Word Search is being launched in numerous languages, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Czech. The PuzzleBox range also includes Crosswords, Sudoku and Kakuro.
  Finesse launches PuzzleBox Crosswords Volume 2 (November 9th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse Mobile has added Crosswords Volume 2 into its growing PuzzleBox range. Having launched PuzzleBox with Crosswords Volume 1, a new updated version was needed to satisfy the insatiable demand from crossword addicts. Volume 2 contains twenty new, original puzzles in the same style and format that has been so well received with Volume 1. The game play remains the same, players can complete clues directly into the grid or on the clues screen and if they are unsure, they can check a word or a letter to see if it is correct. Crosswords Volume 2 is available in English. The PuzzleBox range also includes Sudoku, Kakuro and Word Search.
  Finesse introduces new Wallpaper Catalogue (October 26th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse Mobile has today launched a new catalogue of wallpaper images. Adding to the original range of Soccer Saddo's launched for this summer's World Cup; the catalogue features a broad range of varied and different designs. Finesse has teamed up with a number of artists, such as Chris Luck, Anthea Muir and Frederick Wisdom to produce unique, previously unpublished content as well as bringing to mobile some already well known imagery. The catalogue now includes imagery under the themes of African Art, Christmas, Anthea Muir Collection, Religious Symbols, Happy Love, Love Hearts, Chris Luck Collection, Zoo Cube Animals and Soccer Saddo's. There are additionally two glamour ranges of more adult content being offered entitled Bikini Babes and Artistic Males.
  Finesse launches CannonBall 8000 Game (September 27th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse Mobile has today launched the mobile phone game CannonBall 8000, based on the annual road rally. The real life rally features an array of super cars driving from London across Europe to a great destination, yet take the time to 'party for England' in great locations en route. The mobile game is no different and features the driving and the partying for which CannonBall is famous. Featuring great cars like the Noble M400, Ascari KZ1 and Chesil Speedster, players need to keep clear of the police, can switch number plates or drop oil to keep clear of trouble, perform slides and jumps to gain extra prestige points and importantly impress the girls to gain advantages to use in the race. The game is based on the London to Rome route travelled by the rally in 2005 and caters for all levels of game player expertise with three levels of difficulty built into this fast action top down racing game. The game is being released in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and will be available for over 300 handsets.
  Finesse appoints new Sales and Marketing Manager (July 17th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse have appointed David Hill as their new Sales & Marketing Manager. David joins the company from a strong background in international FMCG sales and marketing.
Finesse signs up as IMGA promotional partner (July 10th 2006. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
Finesse are proud to announce they have signed up to help promote the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA). The IMGA was launched in 2004 and it is now the leading platform for Games Innovation and Creativity in Mobile Entertainment worldwide, recognising and rewarding forefront thinkers in mobile game development.
  Finesse Publishing Group takes Kuju Wireless down an independent path (December 5th 2005. Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK)
The Finesse Publishing Group announces that it has agreed to acquire Kuju Wireless Publishing Ltd, the specialist mobile game publishing division of Kuju plc. Kuju Wireless Publishing has been renamed as Finesse Mobile as the first step in its integration into the Finesse Group. Kevin Holloway, previously Managing Director of Kuju Wireless Publishing, joins Finesse as their new CEO. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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