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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure characters and images ™ & © 1989, 2005 Creative Licensing Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Be excellent to each other! Guide Bill & Ted through historic landscapes to earn the trust of history's heroes. Make sure you use their abilities to the fullest in order to solve the fiendish puzzles and escape the guardians of the past.

Packed with laughs and with appearances by all your favourite characters from the film (plus some famous historical dudes), this arcade adventure lets you control both Bill and Ted as they travel through time.

Game Features:
Control both Bill and Ted - each with their own unique abilities
Solve brain-taxing, block-pushing puzzles
Switches, keys, pressure pads, ice, water, holes, characters to talk to and objects to collect
Choose your own path through each time zone
Receive help and advice from Rufus and the people you meet

Languages: EN DE
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