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Credits: Dredd figure - Jock. Dredd logo and background art - Kev Walker. 2004 copyright Rebellion. Judge Dredd is a registered trademark of and copyright Rebellion A/S. All rights reserved. Used under license. www.2000adonline.com
I AM THE LAW! Take on the mantle of the ultimate lawman Judge Dredd. A criminal uprising is threatening to overwhelm the Judges, the super-human lawmen of Mega-City One, and destroy all order in the city. Can you crush the criminals and bring the guilty to justice?

Patrol through several areas of Mega-City One wielding your own brand of Justice, blow the enemy apart with Hi Explosive rounds, or remain true to your role and stun them with an energy blast so that they can be arrested.

Game Features:
6 Different bullet types
Multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth
Intelligent Enemies
Gigantic Bosses
Interactive Scenery

Languages: EN FR IT DE ES
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