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    Nacho Libre
Step into the boots of Jack Black as Nacho Libre Mexican monk turned wrestler extraordinaire! Based on the summer 2006 hit comedy movie.

Genre: Action
    Domino Quake
Help Gus the Dragon win the Domino Quake World Championship by solving domino toppling puzzles.

Genre: Puzzle
    PuzzleBox WordSearch
Simple, yet brilliantly addictive word puzzling fun!

Genre: Puzzle
    PuzzleBox SuperDoku
Join the Sudoku craze that's sweeping the world and play PuzzleBox SuperDoku on your phone today!

Genre: Puzzle
    PuzzleBox Kakuro
Kakuro, also known as Cross Sums or Kakro in Japan, is the new challenger to the Sudoku crown.

Genre: Puzzle
    PuzzleBox Crosswords
Put your feet up and your thinking cap on, as you'll need all of your brain power to solve our challenging crosswords!

Genre: Puzzle
    Lotus Challenge Slot Cars
Take your Lotus Elise on a mini adventure across tracks set all around the house!

Genre: Racing
    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Be excellent to each other! Guide Bill and Ted through historic landscapes to earn the trust of history's heroes.

Genre: Adventure
    ClimberX: Mountain Rescue
Have you got what it takes to tackle daring rescue missions on treacherous terrain?

Genre: Puzzle/Arcade
    Judge Dredd
I am the law! Take on the mantle of Judge Dredd and bring Justice to Mega-City One. Can you crush the criminals and bring the guilty to justice?

Genre: Action
    Lotus Challenge: City Racing
Climb in, buckle up, pop the clutch and take to the streets in one of 3 super-fast, super-sleek Lotus cars in Lotus Challenge: City Racing!

Genre: Racing
    Rocket Girl vs the Robots
She's fast, she's cute, and she's mad about fruit! Have you got what it takes to help Rocket Girl take on the robots in this action-packed platform game.

Genre: Arcade
    Spy Shootout
Spy Shootout challenges you to hone your hand-eye co-ordination skills, reaction times and memory in this exciting action shoot 'em up.

Genre: Action
    Ambi Stacks
Ambi Stacks is an addictive and fast-paced block puzzle game. Create a group of 3 or more adjacent bricks of the same colour, and they disintegrate, gaining you points to move closer to the next level.

Genre: Puzzle
    Penalty Challenge
Penalty Challenge is an exciting Football penalty game, allowing you to take control of both player and goalkeeper. Will you find th e top-corner, or row z? Fall flat on your face or save the day?

Genre: Sports
Sk8Trix is a fast-action skateboarding game with all the tricks you'd expect - no enemies or cheesy plot, just you, a skateboard and 8 levels of stuff to skate on!

Genre: Sports
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